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"The Vapor 50 is a great little bait that gets deep very quickly. In the Okie Craw color, you can run it so it bumps off the bottom giving off the Crawfish sound which big bass aggressively chase down in the spring."

"The Primetyme 2.0 SQ is great bait for all-around fishing this time of year and in off colored water. The Chartreuse Sunrise color is perfect for these off-colored water and paired with the EBS Shad sound, it draws that big bass in. Fish this lure for the shallow water bites around rocks, shallow points, and laydowns."

"With helping design the Flatmaster XXX this is one of those baits you always should have with you for cooler water temps. This lure was designed for water temps around 47-52 degrees. This bait is great to use around rocks, shallow points, and laydowns.  The Shad color is a great choice for a crankbait with flat sides, which produces amazing side to side action and with those flat sides and the EBS technology, Bass eat it up."


Primetyme SQ 2.0

Vapor 50

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